What is an erotic massage exactly?  

Erotic massage can be traced back to many parts of the world at many different times-indeed, all ancient cultures have their version. Asia is generally considered the wellspring of healing touch as an art form. The full-body Nuru massage, for instance, comes from Japan. While in India, as early as 1800 BC, there are mentions of "Ayurvedic Massage" with a focus on sensuality.

From Asia, these techniques made their way to Europe and the rest of us. In 17th-century Europe "genital massage" was performed on women by a physician or a midwife. The aim was to bring the woman to orgasm as a way of treating what was known as "female hysteria." Although much about the origins of erotic massage around the world remains a mystery, one thing's for certain: we've been doing this for a very long time.

    What's an erotic massage?

Erotic massage is the use of massage techniques focused on the recipient's erogenous zones. Typically, this includes a combination of traditional massage techniques with sensual strokes. Depending on personal preferences and on the type of erotic massage, it can either remain lightly arousing or become more intensely erotic.

Erotic massage is used by some as a part of sex, and by others as sex therapy. Either way, the idea behind giving an erotic massage is to give pleasure to the recipient through touch. An erotic massage usually leads to orgasm, or a 'happy ending' but it doesn't have to.

  What are the different types of erotic massage?

There are about as many different types of erotic massage as there are ice cream flavours, each offering their own specific techniques and benefits. While erotic massage can be performed by men or women, most masseuses are women. Your massage can be more on the therapeutic end of the spectrum, like a Thai massage with a happy ending, or much much more on the intimate end of the spectrum, like a tantric massage.

   Happy Ending Massage

To get right to the point, a happy ending massage is one that ends with a hand job. Women, however, can also get their happy ending via fingering or clitoral stimulation which is sometimes referred to as a Yoni massage (see below). The fairytale term was first popularized in Asian massage parlours, but a happy ending massage can be coupled with any type of erotic massage.

Although the masseuse is sometimes nude while performing the massage, this is not always the case. The client or recipient can be either nude or covered with a towel. While not all massage providers will give happy ending massages, all professional tantric massage services, like Karma Tantric, will certainly do so.

Body To Body Massage

A body to body massage is any sensual massage where oil or lube is used while the masseuse massages the client using her entire body using body sliding techniques. While the client is always nude, some masseuses can leave their panties on, however its much better when they don't. The full body to body contact makes this massage far more erotically charged than your usual, mechanical happy ending massage and the full body contact can make it sublime. There are also numerous health benefits achieved through body to body massage that make it very popular indeed.

Climax is typically still achieved via hand relief, however, the masseuse might also provide an orgasm for you with the simple friction of her body sliding or rubbing against yours. You can, of course, express a preference in advance if there's a specific way you would like to climax. If body to body massage sounds like something you might want to try, there are numerous amazing types to choose from.

Nuru Massage

The word Nuru means slippery in Japanese, so Nuru massage is named for the way the masseuse uses a body to body technique to slip 'n slide sensually all over her client's body. The Nuru massage gel used is traditionally made from Nuri Japanese seaweed known for its extremely lubricating and slippery texture. The masseuse uses her naked body to melt sensual touch and prime you into a state of unadulterated euphoria, finishing with a wonderful explosion of energy in the form of an orgasm.

Nuru massage may be one of the most sexually arousing erotic massages out there and has been practiced as a sensual massage ritual in Japan for years. It often involves very advanced body sliding techniques that are not easily achieved using regular massage oils and the ritual itself is almost spa like. It is no wonder why many people choose Nuru massage to ease their minds and bodies.

                                                                  Soapy Massage

A soapy massage is exactly what it sounds like, a massage involving water, soap and lots of fun! The masseuse will first join the client in a shower or bath and wash him thoroughly, from head to toe. Then, she will lay him down on a mattress meant for this purpose, and the lathering begins. The foam is produced in a variety of ways, such as in a small tub with shampoo, though some Turkish baths produce those bubbles from a 'soap pillow' (a bar of soap in what looks like a pillowcase).

What follows is another form of body to body massage. The masseuse uses her nude body as a massage tool, gliding back and forth in the soap. Traditionally performed on stone tables, most modern-day soapy massages forego this detail in favour of inflatable or otherwise waterproof mattresses. If this is not an option, the massage can simply begin in a bath or shower then be completed on a regular massage table or bed.

                                                              Tantric Massage

Tantra is the Sanskrit word for "woven together," and refers to the sacred intimacy that can be experienced through sensual touch. While authentic tantric practice is a spiritual-erotic experience involving breathwork and eye gazing to foster deeper connection, the modern-day version is typically more of a body to body erotic massage. While authentic tantric practitioners aim to provide their client with a full-body orgasm that does not include ejaculation, in modern sessions orgasm is generally achieved.

When the recipient is a man, tantric massage can also be called a lingam massage, lingam being the Sanskrit word for penis. Tantric massage offers an incredible array of unexpected benefits. It can release mental and sexual tension, heal trauma, get to the root of premature ejaculation, help overcome erectile dysfunction, and raise overall confidence levels.

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